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Hooray! This project was successfully funded on December 24, 2013.

Milk Cult X Vigilante Coffee: Bangin' Brunch-ish tacos + quality coffee + ice cream = Milk Cult Sanctuary


You probably already know Milk Cult as DC's first motorcycle based mobile ice cream vendors (if you didn't -you do now). Well, get excited, the duo is gearing up for their next project.

Enter: The Sanctuary.

Milk Cult's pop-up style Cafe in the heart of Petworth. They are creating a space for people to come and stay a while, where they can enjoy the highest quality of coffee, food, and soak up the Milk Cult experience. The Sanctuary will provide a full espresso bar, free wi-fi, and a full fledged savory program featuring their take on brunch-style tacos. Basing their operation out of Union Kitchen, the pop-up cafe is a springboard for Ed and Patrick's passion for quality food in a welcoming atmosphere.

UPDATE: Washington Post Article!!!

UPDATE: Read about the Milk Cult Sanctuary in the Washington City Paper's Young & Hungry Column!

They're looking to raise funds to purchase equipment, furniture, and fuel logistical build out costs to bring you the full Milk Cult experience you've come to know and love. Specifically, their loan will fund:

  • The ability to plant roots and extend their current 3-6 month "pop-up" status to something much more long term
  • Basic start up costs: food, coffee, supplies
  • A few more vital space alterations: Indoor bike rack, water filter, better signage, and storage
  • Much needed, and better cooking equipment

A small group with an available space came to the Milk Cult guys aware of their passion for quality food. Wondering what they would do during the cold winter when they're motorcycle ice cream rig isn't on the streets the two came up with the idea for The Sanctuary. People in DC are already appreciating food in a great way, and the guys are providing a place for them to come and worship.

At The Sanctuary the expertly roasted Vigilante coffee will be on tap along with their own creation of brunch-ish tacos -think far away from tex-mex, and think more along the lines of:

  • Sous-Vide Scrambled eggs
  • Corned Beef Hash w/ crushed Pork Rinds
  • Fried Green Tomatillos w/ Hollandaise whip

Along with a rotating menu changing regularly and last but not least their own small batch ice cream made from scratch sourced from local dairies.

We hope you'll join us in bringing culinary and coffee redemption to all the sinners out there!


As lifetime Washington area residents the two came into the food industry feeling that their hometown didn't have to be a vacuum for accessible, interesting, good food. Milk Cult is the brainchild of the two- a conduit for their creative ideas. What started as ice cream and cold brew coffee has organically evolved into so much more. Eventually, they dipped their mittens into the savory world, and it felt good, so they've decided to spread their wings and bring their love of savory foods and ice cream to Petworth.

Rejoice, and spread the good news!


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September 30, 2014$140.28
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March 28, 2016$645.00
July 18, 2016$645.00
September 30, 2016$645.00
October 30, 2016$215.00
April 27, 2017$200.00
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This loan is expected to be repaid in full on or before Dec 23, 2016.

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Milk Cult
Washington, DC

MILK CULT is a non-traditional mobile food business that is working to bring a high quality taste experience to the Washington Metropolitan area... read more.

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If (and when) we are lucky enough to meet our goal on Clovest your friends, family and the Petworth community will be able to participate in a once-a-month Clovest Community Happy Hour! One Saturday a month, we want to host a community happy hour for good times and half price tacos! You will be invited to come eat your heart out, be merry, and pat yourself on the back until you pass out... ....don't worry we will clean up after you.

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