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Milk Cult

Hooray! This project was successfully funded on December 24, 2013.

Nate trager

Nate trager Philadelphia, PA

Tammy West Bennet

Tammy West Bennet New York, NY

Katy Rhodes


Andre Bleech

Andre Bleech Washington, DC

Sara Finnegan-Doyon

Sara Finnegan-Doyon DENVER, CO

Alexandrine De Bianchi

Alexandrine De Bianchi Washington , DC

Jimmy Edgerton

Jimmy Edgerton Washington, DC

Cullen Gilchrist

Cullen Gilchrist Washington, DC

Michael Lenard

Michael Lenard Washington, DC


Keith Washington, DC

Kevin Rowe

Kevin Rowe Frederick, MD

Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer Kensington, MD

Katharine C Pelzer

Katharine C Pelzer Washington, DC

David Sottile

David Sottile Kalamazoo, MI

Doan Nguyen

Doan Nguyen Washington, DC

David Do

David Do Washington, DC

Aaron Minnick

Aaron Minnick Washington, DC


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3 years

loan repayment term

// Repayment Progress

Repayment Date Amount
April 16, 2014$841.67
July 23, 2014$841.67
September 30, 2014$140.28
December 30, 2014$490.98
March 30, 2015$701.40
May 30, 2015$561.12
October 30, 2015$800.00
December 30, 2015$600.00
March 28, 2016$645.00
July 18, 2016$645.00
September 30, 2016$645.00
October 30, 2016$215.00
April 27, 2017$200.00
Total Repaid $7327.12
Balance Remaining $2772.88

Loans are repaid to Funders on a quarterly basis (unless businesses choose to repay them faster).

This loan is expected to be repaid in full on or before Dec 23, 2016.

Milk Cult business profile
Milk Cult
Washington, DC

MILK CULT is a non-traditional mobile food business that is working to bring a high quality taste experience to the Washington Metropolitan area... read more.

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Union Kitchen
Union Kitchen
4 Projects • $31,091 Raised

// Community Rewards

If (and when) we are lucky enough to meet our goal on Clovest your friends, family and the Petworth community will be able to participate in a once-a-month Clovest Community Happy Hour! One Saturday a month, we want to host a community happy hour for good times and half price tacos! You will be invited to come eat your heart out, be merry, and pat yourself on the back until you pass out... ....don't worry we will clean up after you.

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