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Hooray! This project was successfully funded on January 02, 2014.

We're taking our macaron game to the next level and need some capital improvements to get us there!


We have been growing rapidly since we first launched--which is always a good thing for small business (a ton of work, but a good thing still!) We love that the world is falling in love with our macarons, but it also means we're limited in our quantities to share them with you!

Currently all of our production is very detail oriented and hand-crafted– we need your help to expand our capacity while not losing the quality of our product. For this, we're seeking a significant capital raise to purchase the following:

  • Cookie Depositor: this allows us to up our macaron production to nearly 5000 in one day! This is roughly 10x the amount that we're capable of producing at the moment. For those that geek out on technology, check out a cookie depositor in action:
  • Upgraded Packaging: the world needs our macarons and we intend to give it to them--but we need to give it to them in pretty packages, stamped with our signature logo, little backstory, and of course, nutrition facts.
  • New Staff: we'll need help to ramp up our production and are looking to bring on additional staff to grow our business–your contribution might just end up creating a new job or two in the District of Columbia.

All told, the plan outlined above is ambitious but will tremendously help us not just expand production, but become a leaner, meaner DC Patisserie that you have all come to know and love. We will eliminate inconsistency and waste with the Cookie Depositor and reduce our shipping costs with the new packaging.


We've been making macarons for over a year (nearly making a 25,000 macarons in that time), so we've gotten our process and recipes up to snuff and garnered the love of our customers– with many calling us "the best macarons outside of Paris."

So, we think it's time that we really challenged ourselves and grow our business to where it deserves to be. In order to secure some larger orders and ensure that we keep up our quality when distributing our macarons to a greater audience, we need these capital investments upfront.

Though we've had substantial revenues and growth in our first year, we are using Clovest as a way to not only sustainably finance our growth, but also because we want to have our customers, fans and local community join us as we grow our business. Whether you've been with us from day one or tried your first macaron last week, we want you on our wall of funders as a way to showcase our community love.

We understand the challenge set forth before us and, indeed, want each of you to keep up with you along the way--remember, we are paying back this loan within three years. And, of course, we have an interesting reward for our community at large, so that we're really all in this together! Check it out on the right hand side.


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This loan is expected to be repaid in full on or before Jan 01, 2017.

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DC Patisserie
Washington, DC

DC Patisserie specializes in macarons, the French import made with simple ingredients: almond flour, two types of sugars, egg whites, a bit of s... read more.

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// Community Rewards

If we reach our fundraising goal, we'll be having a one-year anniversary party for all our fans + funders. In addition, we'll be hosting a macaron-making competition with the winning flavor and amateur patissier getting a special prize!

You'll also get first taste access to some of our newest macaron creations and we'll be getting your votes for the next year's line up!

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