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Hooray! This project was successfully funded on September 24, 2013.
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Repayment Date Amount
December 24, 2013$1254.17
March 24, 2014$1254.17
June 24, 2014$1254.17
October 01, 2014$1254.17
December 24, 2014$1254.17
March 24, 2015$1254.17
June 24, 2015$1254.17
September 24, 2015$1254.17
January 09, 2016$5016.64
Total Repaid $15050.00
Balance Remaining $0.00

Loans are repaid to Funders on a quarterly basis (unless businesses choose to repay them faster).

This loan is expected to be repaid in full on or before Sep 23, 2016.

NURISH business profile
Washington, DC

NURISH is a business incubator specifically geared to supporting DC’s budding food entrepreneurs. Our program includes a licensed commercial ... read more.

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Think Local First DC
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If the café receives its fundraising goal, the café will contribute 15% of its profits to its parent nonprofit, NURISH: The Center for a Creative Culinary Economy, which will operate an entrepreneurial training program for young adults in Anacostia who have a passion for the food business.

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