GROWL 2.0: Ready-To-Drink Lattes



Hooray! This project was successfully funded on November 25, 2013.

Robin Snyder

Robin Snyder Charleston, WV

Tyler Mallory

Tyler Mallory Chicago, IL

Kenny Shin

Kenny Shin Washington, DC

Karan Jain

Karan Jain San Francisco, CA

I'm the Founder and CEO of Clovest.

Liz Jain

Liz Jain San Francisco, CA

karen hanson

karen hanson Washington, DC

Randall Beisecker

Randall Beisecker Washington, DC

Allison Bozniak

Allison Bozniak Washington, DC

Fred Wu

Fred Wu Washington, DC

Stephanie Hess

Stephanie Hess Washington, DC

Linda French

Linda French Washington, DC

Bruce Goldstein

Bruce Goldstein Silver Spring, MD

Pennye Jones-Napier

Pennye Jones-Napier Takoma Park, MD

Co-founder of The Big Bad Woof, a holistic pet supply store with 2 locations in the Washington DC Metro area.

Jonathan Dinerstein

Jonathan Dinerstein Boston, MA

Paulina Maldonado

Paulina Maldonado Washington, VA

Lee OConnor

Lee OConnor Summit, NJ

Gretchen Soule

Gretchen Soule Washington, DC


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2 years

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Repayment Date Amount
February 24, 2014$650.00
May 24, 2014$650.00
August 24, 2014$650.00
November 24, 2014$650.00
February 24, 2015$650.00
May 24, 2015$650.00
August 24, 2015$650.00
November 24, 2015$650.00
Total Repaid $5200.00
Balance Remaining $0.00

Loans are repaid to Funders on a quarterly basis (unless businesses choose to repay them faster).

This loan is expected to be repaid in full on or before Nov 25, 2015.

GROWL business profile
Washington, DC

Cold Brew coffee is a great way to enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening coffee.

The cold brewing proc... read more.

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Union Kitchen
Union Kitchen
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We want our fans to have something to call their own. As our way of saying thanks, we’re going to host a taste-test and launch party where we’ll celebrate the arrival of our new blends and ask for your opinion on our next flavor. Once we’ve gotten your feedback, we’ll have something totally brand new and special for DC coffee drinkers! Just be careful, our brew packs a bit of a punch.

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