clo•vest: community and locally oriented investing.

Is your organization dedicated to promoting the growth of small business and creating dynamic local economies? Then contact us to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Clovest. Our partnerships offer a wide array of benefits including fast-tracked review process, assistance with the funding campaigns, and referrals to partners within our network.


Union Kitchen

Union Kitchen is a Washington, DC food incubator, kitchen, and office warehouse near Union Station. They help grow and promote food-based businesses in the D.C. Metro Area. Clovest serves as their official partner in helping their full-time members raise capital for growth projects.


Think Local First DC

ThinkLocalFirst DC is a non-profit that works with independent businesses, consumers and policymakers to grow a sustainable, local economy in Washington, DC. Clovest serves as an official partner in helping their business members raise capital for growth projects.


Rockville Economic Development, Inc.

Rockville Economic Development, Inc. ( REDI) is a non-profit public-private partnership that helps business launch, locate and expand in Rockville, MD. From accessing funding sources to workforce development; educational programming to market intelligence; advisory services to introductions to key decision-makers, REDI provides knowledge, access, resources, and direction to companies at all stages of growth. REDI offers most resources to the community free-of-charge, and welcomes inquiries and referrals.


Maryland Women's Business Center

The Maryland Women's Business Center (MWBC), a REDI program, helps people in our community start and grow women-owned businesses positioned for long-term growth. The MWBC serves both women and men from any geographic location with training, business counseling, and resources.


William James Foundation

The William James Foundation supports for-profit entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place by connecting them to experts and investors so their ideas can scale. Clovest was a finalist in their 2013 Sustainable Business Plan Competition and came in 2nd place when presenting for the Affinity Lab/Washington, DC Prize Category.


Affinity Lab

Affinity Lab provides a collaborative culture, business tools, and creative office space, to people looking to launch their dream business in a fun and effective community. Clovest is a proud member of the Affinity Lab.


Creative Colony

Creative Colony is a coworking space for creative professionals. We aim to foster collaborative communities where people can grow their businesses independently, but not alone.

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